Bacon Freak Bacon Jerky Habanero inset3


We use a lean cut of bacon and cook it longer at a lower temperature to create a bacon jerky that strikes the ideal balance between lean and fat.



This jerky is made from pork tenderloin and has no preservatives or nitrites, so you know it’s going to be tender and juicy!



We take premium top round, marinade it for hours then slow cook it to create an irresistible, mouth-watering jerky.

Boss Hog is delighted to introduce the world’s first ever Bacon Jerky™.
You heard that correctly, BACON jerky.


Bacon Freak™ is proud to be the original creator of Bacon Jerky™, which has been pleasing the palate of pork lovers since 2008. It’s only natural that the company that invented Bacon Jerky™ has the largest selection of bacon and pork jerkies! With flavors like Western, Pepper, Maple and even Habanero, there’s something for everyone, so enter Hog Heaven with a pack of juicy Bacon Jerky™.